How rummy real money game is an eminent part of the Indian culture?

Rummy has always been a huge part of Indian culture and history. In the country, rummy has always been a great way to bond and connect with other family members. Whether they are huge gatherings or major festivals, the presence of rummy in the Indian tradition dates way back. The rummy real money games are fun to play with a group of people. But it definitely requires refined skills and a great presence of mind. During those times, when electricity or technology was not so advanced, rummy used to be only the source of entertainment. Be it friends or family members, rummy was always the most popular card game in demand.

Occasions on which rummy has been a real entertainer

In the country of India, there are huge families inside the houses and large friend circles in the neighborhood. A country, where festivals go on throughout the year, rummy too is no exception. Whether it is a special occasion, a grand festival or any other normal day, the rummy real money game is often played by people of all ages. Therefore, here a list of occasions or gatherings in which rummy is played:

  • Diwali:

Diwali is the festival of lights. In India, it is considered to be one of the most celebrated festivals across the nation. During this heavily auspicious festival, people get together in groups and play the game of rummy. As the most favorite game of all the people, rummy is played on this occasion as it is considered to be holy. It is also supposed to bring prosperity and good fortune to the family if played during the time of Diwali.

  • Holi:

One of the biggest festivals celebrated in India other than Diwali is Holi, the festival of colors. Rummy is played during Holi as well as a great source of entertainment after everyone is done playing with colors. With friends, family and other loved ones, it never fails to fill the days and evenings with fun.

  • Kitty parties:

Kitty parties have always been about women gathering at a place on a monthly or weekly basis and socializing with each other. These kitty parties usually involve cash games of rummy. They are usually played by these women in order to earn some extra cash each month as a form of savings.

  • Nightly neighborhood gatherings:

It is a very common sight in India to see working or retired men gathering in clusters here and there in clubs and the streets to play cards. Rummy is one of the games that is played during these daily nightly meetups as well. Not only do they act as stress busters for the working men, but they also act as a factor of entertainment for the retired ones.


Rummy has always been a part of Indian culture and history. Therefore, play the rummy realmoney games more often and continue the amazing tradition going on for decades.

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